Outdoors. Adventure, Excitement Await.

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If your heart skips at the sound of a bugling elk and your spirit soars with the flight of a falcon, you’ve found the right website. At Ron Spomer Outdoors we discover the joys and thrills of the great outdoors. Whether birding, hunting, hiking, photographing, shooting, fishing, camping or foraging, we share our adventures and discoveries while embracing our roles as Nature’s hunter-conservationists. We do not hold ourselves apart from nature as 3rd party observers, but recognize ourselves as integral participants.

As an author, photographer and television host, I work to express the special relationship between humans and this delightful, sustaining planet on which we live as hunters & gatherers. After more than 36 years at this “job,” I have experienced the impressive collections of emotions each of us feels about when we reflect on our relationships with wildlife and wild places. These stories can not be adequately described through articles, photography and videos -- but it’s a start.

Peruse this site -- the blog, the articles, videos, photo galleries and links. Write us to comment, compliment and complain. Follow us on Youtube, Google + Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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