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Ron Spomer Outdoors Blaser R8

Why mess with an expensive (over $4,000), modular rifle like the Blaser R8?


Because they shoot like the proverbial house afire. Fast. Dependably. Consistently.


R8s strip into component parts easily and quickly. So, you can add barrels and convert one from a .22-250 Rem. to a .270 Win.  literally in seconds. In a few minutes you can change from a .223 Rem. to a .375 H&H Mag. Add a recoil reducer to the butt. Go from open sights to scope sights in seconds and back again. You can remove a scope in seconds, remove the barrel from the stock, replace both and still be zeroed. And pack it all into a slim case hardly larger than a businessman's briefcase.


It's a traveling hunter's dream rifle. Two or three "rifles" in one small case. Hunt everything from rabbits to buffalo. And if anything mechanical malfunctions, you can swap parts with your partner's R8. Even the bolt slide and trigger from one rifle with fit with any other. Carry spare parts if you're paranoid about something breaking. But I've never seen an R8 part break, despite hot-barrel, fast-action shooting. Dragging through desert dust and hippo swamps hasn't fazed them. Rain. Snow. Doesn't matter. R8s have proven tough, rugged and durable.


The R8 .300 Win. Mag. barrel shown in this photo shot two 1/2 MOA groups with the first two Winchester factory loads I fired through it. It shot just as well with a 7mm Rem. Mag. barrel and slightly better with a .458 Lott barrel! The straight-pull bolt runs like greased butter in the hot sun.


Like Blaser says, you can buy three traditional rifles, pay $1,000 or more to have them tuned or the triggers slicked and lightened -- or one switch-barrel R8 with three barrels. And the option of adding more.


Guess which ones will store and travel most easily?


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